Medicare Nutrascience, founded by Mr. Jitendra V. Shah, started with an idea which became our main mission to produce pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals in an effort to provide health support worldwide. We’ve been doing things the right way from last 8 years. That’s why we’re still around. Our winning formula involves just three ingredients : Pure Raw Materials, Great Employees and an Unwavering Commitment to Quality.

Our Belief,

The best products come from the best employees and at Medicare Nutrascience we have combined research and development experience in our on-site doctors and scientists. Their expertise provides us with the best formulations to most effectively meet the needs of our customers. We believe that the best way to keep you safe and healthy is by keeping our employees safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. Nature is essential to everything we do.

Medicare Nutrascience believes that food should always come first. This means that people should always aim to get all their essential nutrients through eating a balanced diet. Where this is not possible, or where people need additional support to meet their nutritional needs, food supplements provide a reliable source of additional nutrition.

Quality and Tests

Our determined commitment to quality leads us all around the globe in search of the purest raw materials regardless of price. Trustworthy suppliers who consistently deliver high-quality ingredients build our foundation. Raw materials are then strenuously tested by FSSAI and FDA (The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and The Food and Drug Administration) according to our strict personal quality standards, testing for identity, strength, and contamination. If the product fails to test out to our expected standards they're rejected. Simple as that.

We confidently claim to be the company to supply products which are 100% made from high quality ingredients with proven reports and certificates. We deal in total of 31 Nutraceutical and Beauty Products which contains no harmful ingredients, no animal tested products, non toxic and all body friendly products.

USFDA Approved Food Grade Bottles

The life and quality of the product also depends on the bottles they are packed in. So, at Medicare Nutrascience while maintaining the quality of the ingredients, we also take care of maintaining the quality of our bottles.

All our oral supplements are packed in USFDA Approved Food Grade Bottles to maintain the quality of the ingredients in it, no matter what the cost is….because QUALITY MATTERS

100% = 100%

We care when we say 100%

We confidently claim that our products are 100% Natural and Vegetarian. Everything in our product is vegetarian and from natural sources, starting from the ingredients in it to the capsules in which they are packed. Yes, even our capsules are 100% vegetarian because we believe that anything and everything can be found in nature.

As a company we aim to bring back our old culture of treating people naturally. We continue our research and development to cure your health issues and provide you the benefits of nature.

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